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NATO strikes Libyan state TV satellite facility...
NATO strikes Libyan state TV satellite facility
NATO strikes Libyan state TV satellite facility
Statement by the Spokesperson for NATO Operation Unified Protector, Colonel Roland Lavoie, regarding air strike in Tripoli

A few hours ago, NATO conducted a precision air strike that disabled three ground-based Libyan state TV satellite transmission dishes in Tripoli. The strike, performed by NATO fighter aircraft using state-of-the art precision guided munitions, was conducted in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1973, with the intent of degrading Qadhafi's use of satellite television as a means to intimidate the Libyan people and incite acts of violence against them.

Our intervention was necessary as TV was being used as an integral component of the regime apparatus designed to systematically oppress and threaten civilians and to incite attacks against them.  Qadhafi's increasing practice of inflammatory broadcasts illustrates his regime's policy to instill hatred amongst Libyans, to mobilize its supporters against civilians and to trigger bloodshed.

In light of our mandate to protect civilian lives, we had to act.  After due consideration and careful planning to minimize the risks of casualties or long-term damage to television transmission capabilities, NATO performed the strike and we are now in the process of assessing its effect.   Striking specifically these critical satellite dishes will reduce the regime's ability to oppress civilians while at the same time preserve television broadcast infrastructure that will be needed after the conflict.  

NATO will continue to take appropriate measures to enforce the UN mandate and to protect the lives of the people of Libya.

Avv. Antonino Sugamele

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